Friday, December 25, 2015

This is the last page . . .

I'm sorry to say that I have decided that this is my final post.  It's been 5+ years and I have always tried to provide my loyal followers the best flac files I could find along with clean artwork that I always reviewed and repaired before posting as well as labeling/tagging all files.  I thank all those that have been here all this time.

My decision was based on a lot of extra work in reposting numerous lost files from File Factory and recently the loss of $$$ due to some unkind person who hacked my account and stole the money leaving me with nothing.  Before this it was File Post who owed a lot of money to my account and then closed their operations without paying me what was due.

All the files that have  been posted as of now will remain on the FF sever as my account is paid through next August unless they close up also.  I've enjoy your friendship and comments and hope all can find another site to enjoy 'flac' files which are the best.

With that said, I may return at some point maybe in a month or two but we will see what the future brings.  I have many more 'shares' to post so time will tell.  I will 'check-in' from time to time to see if FF has deleted a file in which I will repost.

Again, thank you for your understanding and I personally want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Regards . . . . Vince

The Days In Their Life - Volume 21 - Sonic Workshop